Hidden Gem: Guiting Power

The story of Guyting Power is one that closely follows the fortunes of the agricultural communities in the region. When Evans passed through here in 1905 it had just started to recover from a period of deep decay, and I will read to you what he wrote at the time shortly.

The village is built on the site of an Anglo-Saxon settlement which was called Guyting Broc, and there is evidence that people lived here from at least 780ad. It was a royal estate or manor under Edward the Confessor, but by the time of the Norman invasion and the Doomsday Book of 1086, the village had started to decline. It sits on a tributary of the river Windrush, which could have something to do with the origin of its difficult to pronounce name. The Anglo Saxon word Getinge, meant rushing. The Power bit certainly refers to the name of the Medieval lords of the Manor.

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