Smaller than many of the other famous Cotswold towns, Broadway is on the northern tip of the region, actually just in the county of Worcestershire, but it’s surrounded on three sides by the rather more familiar Cotswold county of Gloucestershire. It is said that from the Broadway Tower, you can see up to thirteen different counties.

It’s named after its extraordinarily beautiful wide high street, lined with chestnut trees, golden medieval stone buildings, and a plethora of shops, cafes, hotels and pubs which lead you down to the village green at the bottom. It is well worth a visit for this street alone.

Filming as we are at 5am on a summer’s day you get a feeling for what it was that first attracted the group who became known as the Broadway Group, to this pretty Worcestershire village.

The rose coloured buildings, mostly built with stone from the quarries on Broadway Hill to the south of us, give one an extraordinary sense of peace. The early morning sounds of the milkman making his deliveries, the delicatessen owner stacking his fresh produce onto ancient wooden market barrows and displaying them in front of his shop, and a small band of men in the apparently obligatory bright yellow coats picking up any detritus left from the previous day.

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