Burford is an ancient medieval town in the Cotswolds, regarded as one of the best preserved places in the whole of England. Running along the A40 and serving as a crossing over the river Windrush, it has a bustling high street with plenty of shops, restaurants, cafes and facilities, and is a wonderful place to visit.

Referred to widely as the Gateway to the Cotswolds, it started life as a fortified river crossing, indeed that’s what the word Burford means. It guarded an important shallow part of the river Windrush, through which people and animals were able to pass.

Along the ridge just south of Burford runs the A40, which is the East /West road running from London all the way to Fishguard on the west coast of Wales. So it has always stood at the crossroads of two major routes across England.

Ironically, the medieval beauty of the town today is largely as a result of the town’s past failures. Towns that succeed tend to be developed and re-developed until their original character is totally changed. Burford has had a highly chequered past and has therefore remained pretty unspoiled. It would be a mistake, however, to think that it has remained completely un-changed.

Click below to learn more about Burford’s history and buildings.


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