Exploring Bampton: AKA Downton from ‘Downton Abbey’ has taken quite a hit with many of our viewers, proving rather popular. As we plan to create a new episode once every month, we find after making the initial tour episode to finally delve into one of the specific buildings. For January 2017, we chose the church.

The Real St Michaels and All Angels from the TV show Downton Abbey is in fact the Saint Mary the Virgin Church in Bampton. In this episode of Exploring Bampton, Robin gives us an insight into the history of the church, some memories from when the filming went on at the church and some of the people that were responsible for it being such a remarkable place.

Watch the episode here:

Towards the end of February we will be making an episode about the old Bampton grammar school. This was the building used as the cottage hospital in Downton.

One thing to pick up from this episode is how many times the set of Downton Abbey was closed off. Whilst filming in Bampton, this only happened twice. Once in the early seasons at the arrival of Shirley Maclaine, and the other towards the end of the series, at a very important wedding, where the whole set was closed off and covered in snow.

The church dates back to pre-doomsday times. Over the centuries it was expanded on, as part of a boom in the wool business. Robin explains more about the history of this place, as well as some more great anecdotes of what it was like having the crew of Downton Abbey filming there.

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