Exploring the cotswolds

Exploring the Cotswolds is a travel documentary series referencing a book written more than 100 years ago by Herbert Evans, called “The Highways and Byways of Oxford and the Cotswolds”. In the seven-part series, we follow Robin Shuckburgh as he explores the beautiful towns and villages of The Cotswolds in the heart of England.

 More than a travel guide about the region, we tell stories behind the rich history and unusual landscape. New video content is uploaded every Sunday on YouTube including mini-historic videos about local market towns, foodie events, interviews with locals, and fictional narration.

Featured Videos


We’re delighted to support the wonderful makers and producers in the area.  Following Robin’s interview with Oxfordshire Artweeks’ Esther Lafferty, we meet some inspiring artists and photographers who are exhibiting around the West Cotswolds and further afield in Watlington, Oxfordshire. And if you are a Downton Abbey fan don’t miss the short films about Bampton, the village used as Downton in Downton Abbey, starring Hugh Bonneville.

Esther Lafferty

The Director of   Oxfordshire Artweeks, Esther Lafferty  explains how the event continues to thrive with online and pop-up exhibitions.

Local Artists

We meet some inspiring  artists and photographers who are exhibit in west Cotswolds region and further afield in Watlington, South Oxfordshire. 

Hugh Bonneville

In this short film about Bampton, the village set of Downtown Abbey we see Hugh Bonneville discuss the preservation of the old school house.

More Short Films

The Cotswolds is the perfect destination for those looking to experience the quintessential English countryside and, while the best-known spots are popular for a reason, it’s also full of hidden gems. The Cotswold Explorer has rounded up the best of both, from bustling market towns to quaint villages. Watch the playlist of videos and get dreaming of your next countryside adventure. Look out for more historic stories, aerial footage, and local interviews added weekly.