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Join YouTuber and presenter, Robin Shuckburgh as he explores the beautiful towns and villages of The Cotswolds.  Filmed  in the heart of England,  Exploring the Cotswolds is a documentary series referencing a book written more than 100 years ago by Herbert Evans. 

New  mini-videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel every week. Content varies, featuring historic market towns, local events, and fictional narration. We hope that you  enjoy the collection and are inspired to visit.

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Historic Towns & Villages

Get inspired by our videos of  unique and charming towns and villages.

Cotswolds From Above

Spectacular aerial footage, covering almost 800 square miles miles.

Hidden Cotswold Gems

We visit unspoilt villages uncovering some lesser known treasures.


Featured Videos

We’re delighted to support the wonderful makers and producers in the area.  Following Robin’s interview with Oxfordshire Artweeks’ Esther Lafferty we meet some inspiring  artists and photographers who are exhibiting around the West Cotswolds and further afield in Watlington, South Oxfordshire. 

Art & Crafts Exhibitions

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